POEM: Grapes of the earth

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POEM: Grapes of the earth

Postby seekinghga » Sat Nov 02, 2019 1:28 am

Grapes of the earth
The less I say, the smarter I may seem.
The less I think the more aware of myself I shall become.
Neither of these is of import.

Into darkness comes the light.
Into silence comes the word.
In innocence comes the source.

The perfect marriage of these is one.
The perfect annulment of these is truth.
There is no law beyond Do what thou wilt.

A Follow Up: "Grapes of the earth".
Skepticism (not to be confused for pessimism) is your greatest weapon in the search for truth. Strike every concept you meet with resolute temerity. Do this without intellectual or moral bias; with perfect selflessness and without lust of result. Strike ever the more hard against your own beliefs that are held dearest. Be honest and do not let personal affection for any idea get in the way of your eagle-eyed discernment. The charge of your cavalry must be equal and absolute in every possible direction. Do not let the disingenuous spectre of sentimentality stay your hand in favor of any personal beliefs--in spite of their irrelevance to reality.

Rise up against your own stagnant philosophical complacency!
Rise up against spiritual falsehood!
Delusion thus lighted up by the effulgent sun of simplicity does crumble to the dynamic shock of scrutiny.
The virtue of truth is that the harder the blow against it, the stronger it stands. Verily.
Think thee well on that.

Get the joke? (I don't mean the obvious ones!)

The joke is the fact (see?, I did it again) that every statement made soever can be cast and catapulted to oblivion by an unlaying lever of criticism that's been set upon the fulcrum of a capable acumen. Knowledge is a wonderful thing, the bless'd nectar from the divine Apple of god and grey-matter. It is when one attaches grotesque importance to its worth in proportion to the universe that it can cause problems. I digress.

What is said of truth can also be said of faith. Now I do not mean by "faith" that superficial brand of faith that is touted by many masses, which is but a clinging to superstition and is used as an excuse for social/intellectual atrocity and the denial of a need for real introspection, but that faith which is merely a germ for the realization of one's inherent identity with Godhead. Every person is "God" of their own perceptual universe. "Every man and every woman is a star." That is, every one of us is a sheath for Genius, which is manifested through us in diverse ways according to the conditions-- environmental and physical-- of the star from which it shines.

Even then, however, it is to my sempiternal regret that these "words is words" and will only foster the superficial variety of faith themselves. Only when they can be supported by the bedrock of personal experience do they take fecund hold. I'm not talking necessarily about meditation either; that is but one way. The method given in the first paragraph of this Follow Up to "Grapes" can be used to this effect if one possesses the courage and know-how to carry it through to Completion. There are other ways of course. I digress.

I have no trouble at all with religion and faith when these are used as tools for expanding our understanding of ourselves and our relation to the noumenal universe. What bothers me is the books, rituals, historicity (as it pertains to faith), intolerances, dignitaries, and other backwoods hogwash which serve to obscure rather than illuminate the beauty of the human spirit, and cast it down into the stygian arena of ignorance to do nothing but foment arrogance and strife. "Just as extreme hunger makes a man shovel down anything that looks like food, so the ache of the soul for truth makes it swallow whatever promises."

If these gods are so powerful and their books are the crème de la crème of their word then how come century upon century has passed seeing growth on all fronts but theirs? Nothing has changed there. "My bible is bigger and longer than yours! No, mine's bigger! Hey, look! This person doesn't even have a bible! *Copious rounds of ridicule and finger pointing ensue.*" Religion does naught but stand on the shoulders of real progress while proclaiming the same old emaciated obsolescence, at the same time casting into the sea of humanity its insidious gilded worm concealing the hook of oppression.

Faith is founded and rests upon wishful thinking, and as such too often becomes the sepulchre for that spiritual journey whose quest is truth. It is useful perhaps in the beginning stages to employ faith as a stepping stone, as I said earlier. But the stigma of ambivalence will continually gnaw upon the precepts of good common sense, leading one to despair and uncertainty.[1] Such a one spends the rest of their religious career attempting to rebuild their Second Temple with loose gravel or, still worse, turns a blind eye, their meanness and obsession directly proportionate to their fear of loss of self through the toppling of their faith (else they would just be quietly content).

Those of you who have found meaning in your faith which does not rely on the literal reality of the outward claims and conventions of your religion (e.g. books, people, superiority) have my warmest endorsement, for what that's worth. Those of you who practice your beliefs by light of the silent approval of your own soul have my warmest endorsement, for what that's worth. Harmonious intent goes a long way, 'cause God(s) is Genius.

Have I digressed? My words are as straw.

1. . It shall be noted that if one absorbs themselves wholly into their faith-- I mean "WHOLLY"-- they can come out on the other side free of it by their dissolution in Godhead.
"And they that read the book and debated thereon passed into the desolate land of Barren Words. And they that sealed up the book into their blood were the chosen of Adonai, and the Thought of Adonai was a Word and a Deed; and they abode in the Land that the far-off travellers call Naught."
- LXV 5:59
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