Sexual Jealousy

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Sexual Jealousy

Postby Nineborn » Sat Dec 30, 2017 2:34 pm

Hi, I made the title a bit general but I was hoping to explore a conflict going on within me.

I've read all the threads discussing open relationships/non ownership...etc.

I have an intense paranoia/fear of being cheated on, lied to, deceived by my girlfriend. It is a consistent fear I have had in other relationships as well. I understand that it is destructive.

The odd thing is, intellectually and in practice, I know that I could be in love with someone and also have sexual (or other) involvements with other people. In fact, I would say that I probably need that to be truly happy. I love variety.

I understand this so well, it confuses me why I fear my s/o doing the same thing.

I've been a few relationships, learned about myself so I discussed things early on with her and explained my view on she could still be my #1. I specifically asked her if she wanted to be monogamous or not.

She emphatically insists that she is a one man woman, and has not.. and will not be involved with more than one man at a time.

She is 23 and I am 30. We've been together now for a year.

I guess i am rightly afraid that she could agree to something but cheat on me behind my back. I'll hold off on giving loads of details about our relationship, but happy to expand if the subject is interesting to others.
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