POEM: Crayons

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POEM: Crayons

Postby seekinghga » Thu Dec 20, 2018 12:56 pm

Light streams of blue, the happy gold,
Have all turned cold and lost their hue.
The red ones gone, the orange ones too,
Without their hue the world is cold.
The colors fade so distant.

Smiling purple laughter raised the bar
That fell so far in the grey thereafter.
Pink and yellow like flowers,
Green and brown the leaves,
Black and white the visions of old lost dreams.
The colors fade so distant.
"And they that read the book and debated thereon passed into the desolate land of Barren Words. And they that sealed up the book into their blood were the chosen of Adonai, and the Thought of Adonai was a Word and a Deed; and they abode in the Land that the far-off travellers call Naught."
- LXV 5:59
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