A'ayin - Illusion of Force leads to the Illusion of time?

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A'ayin - Illusion of Force leads to the Illusion of time?

Postby milkBoxx » Tue Sep 17, 2013 10:03 pm

While studying the Veil of Paroketh and the grand password I began to consider, the fact that A'ayin led from
Hod to Tiphareth. Now, after completing a ritual aimed at studying this path while also using the cannabis correspondnce
in conjunction with the ritual I had a very interesting result. First, while I have pondered and meditated upon
the illusion of matter, I inevitably was lead to the illusion of force and what is force but changes of matter over time?
During this meditation it appeared at times (though brief) that time was stopping before my eyes (everything stopped moving or froze in place).
While also in conjunction with my meditations of the illusion of matter I began to feel a strange sense of control over my body.
You know how you have automatic behavior while not even realizing it, making it subconscious behavior. This ceased entirely, I felt
as if my mind hand complete control of automatic processes. While this was happening I had a sense that I was no longer my ego or personality
but something working behind that (as if suddenly a part of you realized you were a videogame character and this entire time you never grabbed
the controller until that moment). This feeling made me uneasy and I held it as long as possible, it faded away after about 8 hours.
Now, while I did bring up cannabis I'm frankly a regular user of this substance for ritual and sometimes others depending upon the correlation
to qabalistic correspondences. Cannabis has never given me this feeling and it was distinctly specific and bizarre.

Question is, does the path of Aayin from 3=8 lead to momentary briatic awareness, even if just temporarily?
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Re: A'ayin - Illusion of Force leads to the Illusion of time?

Postby danica » Wed Sep 18, 2013 2:23 am

There's a reflection of Beth in A'ayin and of Aleph in Nun.
That's regarding to the structure of the Tree itself.
But remember that the whole Tree exists in every one of the four Worlds.
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