Two surpising perspectives on astral projection

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Two surpising perspectives on astral projection

Postby Hermes » Sun Nov 10, 2013 5:33 am

I read two surprising things in the astral projection manual of Denning and Phillips. It is said the technique is facultative. It is said too, that he who get into it should never stop.

Both things surprised me. For the facultative part, i understood it as such: it may be because "full projection" only works in the astral as such... i mean in Yetzirah. Thus it is like a "tool" of lower(or medium) planes. Something cool and potentially helpful but not something directly linked to great achievement (Briah/Atziluth). Maybe it could be compared to an art. So it's up to you if you wanna learn piano, golf, or astral projection in the path to adepthood(i mean in an objective/adogmatic way) . What do you think?

As for the "should never be stopped once got into it" it seems way more mysterious... Why the hell one should keep practicing all his life astral projection once he got into it?! :o Is this some "martial arts practice is for the whole life"(as they say often in MA... which i actually dont understand well either, even though i "feel" the need to do so) kind of thing or is there something more specific underlying? What do you think?
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Re: Two surpising perspectives on astral projection

Postby Corvinae » Thu Nov 14, 2013 3:25 pm

Regarding question two: I think it would be akin to practicing yoga, in which when the practitioner starts out they are very limited to what they are capable of doing, but through dedicated practice one gains depth, strength, flexibility and self mastery. Just because for example a person can perform a specific asana, does not imp,y the person no longer needs to work in that posture. Yoga is a limitless practice in which the practioner can go beyond the simple mastery of the limbs ( of yoga, not arms and legs) into a more thorough transmutation of oneself.

The teachings regarding astral projection imply the same limitless potentiality. The skies the limit.

When one gets a taste for that practice it is a healthy hunger to pursue.
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