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Help with Geomancy

Postby FiatYod » Thu Sep 22, 2016 11:32 pm

I've read "A Handbook of Geomancy" from the second volume of the Equinox.
I have drawn all necessary figures, and understood that for my demand I need to look at the 9th house, but now what? I did not understand the final chapter, where the general method of judging a figure is described. I still don't know what tables to look at for each phase of the judgment.
I have some very basic questions, so please bear with me, as it is my very first time.
1. After looking at the Table of Witnesses and Judge, they went to check the figure in the 2nd place. How did they deduce that it is Evil?
2. Then they looked at the Part of Fortune. What should be done for other such "Parts"?
3. If this figure did spring into other Houses, what should have been checked then?
4. How did they deduce that "The figures [star] and [triangle] of 2nd are..."?
5. Then why did they go to the 4th place?
6. How did they deduce that the Reconciler is a sympathetic figure that denotes delay?
I guess that each of these questions can be answered by looking at a particular table on that article, but I still don't understand which one to look at (and how) for each purpose.

Thank you!
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