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Liber 777

Postby Asisa » Sun Nov 12, 2017 7:43 pm

To understand that liber, you have to degrade thur rang to the rang of a Zeletor...

This is truely False, when you ..... hmmm...

Take this "logical System":

(AL e ALL) AND (AL n-e (def. Empty set exists), because the Relation R := Russell's Paradox (after the NL) can only be true, when....

.... and here rest for a while....

The Empty set is (be careful, my dear) false in the Nihillislogic, and lies lies lies, yea, three times lies is the determined Chaos...

You Know, Buddy, Liber 777 is just the garment of Babalon, there are so many clothes and shoes and pearls and jewels ( :roll: this she told me).... But Babalon herself likes most her "little black dress", which is:
b=2=high priestess = isis

0=27=deamon sultan

Because this dress is equal to our skin, and who wanna rip off her own skin... I think, this will Babalon never understand, because IAO, her father, is the Snake of Adonai, and He Likes this ripping-skin thing... waeh :booze:

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