Liber "The Wise Sibylle"

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Liber "The Wise Sibylle"

Postby Asisa » Mon Nov 13, 2017 6:12 am

My Life is Winona <=> winona

Okay, now you have to understand that we want to make an Image of Liber 65 , Liber of Rose Kelly and call it Liber Grace Kelly, with the riddle

Grace=>grave => Grace ) <=> ( Angelina) e (n-e Grace) AND (Angelina =/= Alice)

We geht with
:There is a word to say about the Hierophantic task. Behold! there are three ordeals in one, and it may be given in three ways. The gross must pass through fire; let the fine be tried in intellect, and the lofty chosen ones in the highest. Thus ye have star & star, system & system; let not one know well the other!
(source Lost :shock: )

(Win (o) nA) <=> fear,

So fear is the "Complement Set" to Maleficent in the Paradies of (X), which we connect with "The Way is True)" by Angelina Jolie (This she said in an Interview I saw on You-Tube) and we had so born the Mother MuM (mathematics)

with Angelina =/= MaM
Angelina == MuM

with (M u M <=> M e M),

(*You get my Opinion about this, when you solve this "Crap" with the Nihillis-Liber)

And MoM =/= MuM (Aleister would Say, Angelina is not the mother of O, Ra-Hoor-Khuit)

You Know (e) Asisa-Story,

"Come on you two, I want Angelina Jolie to be my mother"

why Asisa has named herself Asisa, with A in the Beginning and to the End of All, like her Mother Angelina.

Re: Liber "The Wise Sibylle"

Postby Asisa » Mon Nov 13, 2017 7:28 am

None, breathed the light, faint & færy, of the stars, and two.
For I am divided for love’s sake, for the chance of union.
This is the creation of the world, that the pain of division is as nothing, and the joy of dissolution all.
For these fools of men and their woes care not thou at all! They feel little; what is, is balanced by weak joys; but ye are my chosen ones.

Source Lost :shock:

e := Leighton Meester
a := Adam Brody

a + e =

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