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Postby Heru » Fri Aug 08, 2008 4:41 am

One thing that has confused me quite a bit while studying Thelema is way in which older qabalistic concepts are sometimes inverted, the old negative becoming the new positive. For example:
Next follow seven Hells occupied by those demons which represent incarnate human vices, and those who have given themselves up to such vices in earth-life. Their prince is Samael, SMAL, the angel of poison and death. His wife is the harlot, or woman of whoredom, AShTh ZNVNIM, Isheth Zenunim; and united they are called the beast, CHIVA, Chioa. Thus the infernal trinity is completed which is, so to speak,the averse and caricature of the supernal Creative One. Samael is considered to be identical with Satan.

The Equinox vol.1 no.5 TSK

The above reference to part of the the order of qliphot sounds suspiciously similar to aspects of the Thelemic pantheon. What relationship, if any, does the Scarlet Woman have with the Isheth Zenunim? And what about the solar Beast 666 and the qliphotic Chioa?

Is this a case of an old aeon qabalistic dogma being inverted in the new aeon? Or am I just getting this all mixed up in my head and there is no relation?
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Postby Jim Eshelman » Sat Aug 16, 2008 1:49 pm

I wouldn't say there is the kind of intended inversion it sounds to me that you are asking about.

Something that may make is seem this way, though, is the traditional demonization of sex in conventional wisdom. One particular block of traditional "bad" entities are so labelled only because their nature is especially sexual. Thelema in general, and Crowley's world-view in particular, takes an exactly opposite perspective - that sex is sacred. So, on that particular bundle of entities you've going to see an "exalting as sacred" in Thelema of some things that appear demonized in traditional religions.
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Postby sethur » Sat Aug 16, 2008 2:56 pm

The general principle of reversal is common enough in magick. For a certain amount of "reversal" to happen within magick practised in the New Aeon which relates in any way to the changes in the world in comparison to the old aeon wouldn't be so surprising.
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