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Re: The Qabalistic Worlds

Postby Frater SOL » Sun Aug 24, 2008 6:03 am

Oscillate wrote:Hello All,

I’m having a little bit of trouble understanding how the four Worlds of the Qabalah interact. I appreciate that they can be mapped as a chain of Tree of Lifes, with the Kether of Assiah 'joining' to the Malkuth of Yetzirah and so forth. However, is it possible (or desirable) to move from, say, the Malkuth of Assiah to the Malkuth of Yetzirah and so forth directly without progressively working ones way up each interconnected Tree?

In that scheme, one would have to be in the Kether of Assiyah to move into the Malhuth of Yetzirah.

There is another scheme in which the Kether of one Olam is Tiphareth of the Olam above it...the Malkuth of an Olam above is the 5th Plane(Chesed & Geburah) of the Olam below, etc...this scheme helped to shed light on the function of Daath...since Daath has no attributions, it helped me to first think of it as the Yesod of the Olam above it...

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Postby Jim Eshelman » Sun Aug 24, 2008 12:06 pm

There are different models of chaining Trees, and they probably all have some functionality. One just has to remember that they are maps and not the terrain.

The thing most of these miss is that the entire Tree of Life exists in all Four Worlds.
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