IXOYC & The Fishers of Men

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IXOYC & The Fishers of Men

Postby wanderlust » Sat Feb 07, 2009 7:47 pm

Has anyone taken up the study of the Ichthys Fish as it relates to gnostic, apocryphal, & newer forms of Christianity?

What I've noticed about rosicrucian organizations & their general adherence to the idea that the abyss cannot be transcended while living & that "hidden masters" exist to perpetuate the transmission of Gnosis posthumously has me questioning the validity of the kundalini yoga chakra system's attributions to the psycho-physiological anatomy of man.

Is Rosicruciana correct in its own assumption that the integrity of an individual being persists after death? to join a multitude of bigger fish on a higher plain of being. Or, is the Hindu system correct in its assumption that God is every way immanent & innate in the uninitiated Man as he stands?

Is the seed actually planted by the masters of either system? Or is the potency of enlightened being garnered from the cultivation of personal energy?

It has been my experience that OM, AUM or merely Cametz equates to ecstasy & the rousing of the personal energy toward the dissolution of Self in Unity.

Would any other care to comment further on the Golden Dawn's use of the vesica pisces in the seal of the AA, or its attribution on the color wheel as violet, or its attribution to "ultra-violet" or "clear light"?


The Universe is the Practical Joke of the General
at the Expense of the Particular, quoth FRATER
PERDURABO, and laughed.

But those disciples nearest to him wept, seeing the
Universal Sorrow.

Those next to them laughed, seeing the Universal

Below these certain disciples wept.
Then certain laughed.
Others next wept.
Others next laughed.
Next others wept.
Next others laughed.

Last came those that wept because they could not
see the Joke, and those that laughed lest they
should be thought not to see the Joke, and thought
it safe to act like FRATER PERDURABO.

But though FRATER PERDURABO laughed
openly, He also at the same time wept secretly;
and in Himself He neither laughed nor wept.

Nor did He mean what He said.

Alexander Dugan
"For he is ever a sun, and she a moon. But to him is the winged secret flame, and to her the stooping starlight. " -Liber AL vel Legis I:16
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Re: IXOYC & The Fishers of Men

Postby Jim Eshelman » Sun Feb 08, 2009 11:50 am

wanderlust wrote:Would any other care to comment further on the Golden Dawn's use of the vesica pisces in the seal of the AA, or its attribution on the color wheel as violet, or its attribution to "ultra-violet" or "clear light"?

It's a bit confusing that you refer to the Golden Dawn's use of it in the A.'.A.'. seal. I don't know if you mean the pre-1900 Order or the use of "Golden Dawn" for the Outer College of A.'.A.'. but, in either case, that's not where it originated.

But, on to the underlying question concerning the use of the vessica piscis in the A.'.A.'. lamen... The simple answer is that this has been a nearly universal symbol of the feminine in general, and often the yoni in particular, for thousands of years. Read The Canon and other works on occult geometry. The most common occurrence is that the Christian Virgin Mother's aura or halo are nearly always the vessica, whereas other halos and auras have different distinctive shapes.
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Jim Eshelman
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Postby Wizardiaoan » Sun Feb 08, 2009 5:31 pm

I love that the vesica pisces most general approximation is 4x7 per my 4774 gnosis (which coincidentally is 11x434 "the magical door".) 7/4 = 1.75, which as 175 corresponds to the magic sum of the Venusian magical square. The Pythagoreans calculated it as 153x265, though its ratio is actually the square root of 3. The horizontal width is male (that which opens the womb) and the vertical height is female (as 153 is a martian number as 17 squared, and 4 is Jupiter as 7 is Venus). The symbolism of 4 & 7 as Chesed Jupiter and Netzach Venus is amazingly natural, as it represents the blue sky above the green trees, and may be seen as the formula "love under will," when Chesed Jupiter is seen in a higher will aspect.

As to Christ, I have been studying the 13-fold symbolism in relation not only to the name ΑΓΙΟΣ ΑΚΕΦΑΛΟΣ, but to my name/word formula of LVCIFER ΧΡΥΣΟΣ . Notably ΙΗΣΟΥΣ ΧΡΙΣΤΟΣ shares the same 7+6 letter symbolism. "The Solar Christ" represents the 12 in 1, the sun in the center of the 12 zodiac signs, producing the number 13 which also seems to be principally solar (13 x 7 = 91 = RA, and is also the sum of 1-13). This 12 in 1 is also represented by the god name AL.

However the real mystery is revealed by this 7+6 symbolism, which basically represents the septagram within the hexagram, Saturn within the Sun. This is represented in the Cube of Space as Key XXI being in the center of the 6 faces of the cube, and just recently I realized it is the central mystery of freemasonry, at least by their emblem of the G within the square and compass: the letter G = 7 within the hexagram created by the square and compass. This Saturnian 7 represents the interior gnosis of the sun. It is at once devilish, lunar, goddess, Luciferean, etc. It does indicate that they are worshipping "the inner light", and promulgate "the Luciferean doctrine."
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