repeated sighting of the number 333

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repeated sighting of the number 333

Postby Law » Sat Mar 14, 2009 1:39 pm

Since, I dont know how long, maybe 2 months or so, i have repeatedley been haunted by the number 333, multiple times on various clocks and watches that I have come across. I kknow that 333 is the number of choronzon, and I am a bit superstitious as my life has been steadily headed down hill since I turned 18. Is there any one out there that has had this same experience? i just got finished filing some reports at my job, and when i came to sit down, sure enough 3:33pm. What the hell is going on?
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Postby Chris Hanlon » Sat Mar 14, 2009 4:05 pm

It does?
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Postby spaceman » Sat Mar 14, 2009 10:49 pm

Hee hee hee. This happened to me very early on and it began with Robert Anton Wilson's Illuminatus trilogy and the number 23. Soon it was popping up EVERYWHERE and at the time I took it to mean that I was correctly following the path of my then budding initiation which was all very new to me. Soon the number 63 appeared everywhere with 23 and as I delved deeper into Gematria and my magical practice veered more toward Thelema and less from the Chaos paradigm 93 began to show up with 23 and 63. Now 2+3+6+3+9+3 equals 26 so I started to believe that my HGA was again guiding me toward my correct path. Soon enough 666 and 333 were showing up as well and I couldn't look at a clock or a license plate or address without it being one of those numbers and eventually I became numb to the numbers and stopped OVER-analyzing the fact that I was ONLY seeing these numbers. I think it's very easy to read too deeply into seeing these numbers all the time and as Jason Louv so eloquently put it "start shitting yourself every time it's 3:33 on the clock."

Take all of this Gematrial "evidence" with a grain of salt. As you move forward your ability to discern whether or not you are in fact receiving worthwhile information will mature and you will realize that often this "evidence" is perfectly ambiguous. The universe never seems to come right out and give you a "do this" or "don't do this" message. Paying too close an attention to this "evidence" via gematria or whatever won't really get you anywhere unless you are doing very serious work with certain results desired. Just because you're reading a lot about these numbers and all of a sudden they are EVERYWHERE doesn't mean that Choronzon is messing with you but it could lead you to some valuable meditation about the nature of Choronzon or the Abyss and what it means to transcend above the Abyss.

So don't let this kind of stuff mess with you or make you paranoid that dark forces outside of your control are hindering you somehow, the time will come when you are ready to confront the darker aspects of yourself but Choronzon isn't going to jump out when you least expect it. If you've just turned eighteen, you've got a little ways to go before you're ready to start dealing with Choronzon. Crowley himself at the time of The Vision and the Voice (when he was actively invoking Choronzon) was in his thirties and had experienced over a decade over SERIOUS occult practice and study that included reception of Liber AL and Knowledge and Conversation of his HGA and the manner by which he was invoking Choronzon was Enochian Sex Magick. You could of course be invoking Choronzon but I would think that to be VERY foolish. I would say that it's good that you are noticing these little signs around you as it indicates a broadening awareness to the subtleties of your own reality-tunnel but simply treat them as if they are merely indications that you are following the path of initiation. Also, do keep in mind that along the path of initiation, we initiates feel constantly be faced with ordeals that while they will be difficult to get through will shape us toward greater growth. These ordeals serve as a method of purifying us to receive the light of the Divine. If you are experiencing a period of difficulty of late you are likely passing through the Apophis period of the formula IAO and will soon move on into the Osiris phase in which you will rise above your difficulties and move forward in your life as a new person ready to tackle the next set of ordeals. These 333s are not necessarily indicative of Choronzon bearing down on you especially hard nor are they necessarily some kind of "sign." To give them greater meaning beyond that would be a source of unnecessary paranoia and distraction. Hang in there and stay strong in this period of difficulty, you will make it.
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Postby deleted » Sun Mar 15, 2009 8:05 am

Me as well.... from about my freshman year in high school to the present (lol.. 23 years.. ehhh different number).

First of all, let me say that I agree with most of everything said above. In other words, I have to read it again all very carefully to pick out if there in fact was much if anything I disagreed with...

I don't know why it starts in some people earlier than others, but here's my theory:

Some of us instinctually look for "signs." We're mystics by nature. The Triad... well... it's SO imporant. It's the very next thing past Duality. The Triad IS the triangle of the Eye in the Triangle. 333 is the Triad of Triads.
Now, I don't know why the mind latches on to the 3 instead of some other number. I could try to psychoanalyze it if you'd like some pure speculation... but... eh... it's probably as simple as "mommy, daddy, and me." - "Thesis, Antithesis, Synthesis" IAO

Hmmm... but more... both the sort of revolving, moving 3ness of "IAO" combined with the more static 3ness of geometry and form... both the "Moving" and "Static" Triangle.... if you're following my train of thought...

Oh yeah... I make the disclaimer that this is only my hypothesis. Your mileage may vary:

You (Self-Consciousness) have begun the process of establishing communication with Subconsiousness. (I'm using Paul Foster Case's terminology for my interpretation of the experience.) It's like your subconscious has finally found a "common word" with your self-consciousness, and the undeniable nature of your experience begins here, especially with the repetition of impossible coincidences.

But it's a "three-way" word: literal/mathatical, symbolic, and synchronistic - sort of "initial term" in the process of establishing a full connection between those two sides of yourself. I'll try to give some examples of how it can serve as a connection between two sides of your experience.

1. There's the intellectual importance of the Triad and everything that could represent symbolically.... "Threeness." See Daleth.

2. It's a Triad visually in the shape of the numbers individually and collectively 3 and 333.

3. It works mathematically. 111+111+111 = 333

4. Geometrically, I connect it to the proportions (1/3 or .333) of a Triad-based rectangle resulting from the construction of a vesica pisces. (See Frater Achad's "Anatomy of the Body of God")

5. But most importantly, there are the incredible TIME phenomena. This is the hardest for others to believe if they haven't experienced these synchronicities for themselves. But THIS is the most important aspect of this connection with Subconsciousness...

Personally, I just HAD to come to the conclusion that there was a greater intelligence impossibly, perfectly organized intelligence that could guide me to these experiences with perfected timing. That greater organizing intelligence, I understand as at least a facet of SuperConsciousness - of the Higher Self.

Now... the Choronzon part... The minor fear that you're experiencing is a a taste of the "unknown self" that is one's Shadow-self and scares the hell out of one... lol

Think of your creative faculty gone wild. You've seen me go nuts over the past two weeks? Ever seen anybody go all unbalanced and manic and think they've got a message from God or something? Even Conspiracy theorists... That's something of the creative faculty gone wild. Hallucinations - auditory and visual - can accompany this.

Now, when you're at the END of your personality, I hypothesize that anything that is "held onto" by the personality will become that interpretive point of reference out of which the creative faculty springs wildly. This can lead to madness. You have to let it all go. Everything. Otherwise, you must deal with this creative faculty gone haywire = full of lies and deceit (about the true nature of yourself and Reality).

Personally, I think there is a weird coincidence of 333 being kind of the first and last "word" of the subconsciousness. Allow me to attempt to express it more artfully and emotionally for a moment. Forgive me if it becomes less clear.

It's kind of like

333 as "hello" when you first start speaking with your "Lover" (Atu/Key 6)

and the test of 333 (Choronzon) as you BOTH die (while your creative imagination freaks out trying to escape this death)... and Horus is born... (Atu/Key 20)

Just the fact that your life can be so completely and totally synchronized and you can for a moment observe the interconnectedness of all time events... there's something of the idea of self that dies. It tries to think of any other solution to the mystery that all is already completely perfected, creating extravagant stories... But, in the end, we're just not what we seem to be... and we "die."

The snake eats its tail kind of concept may help here.

That's probably the clearest I've ever been able to enunciate that theory, and I welcome comments.

Hope it helps. Solving that little phenomenon was the entire reason I made the long journey from Southern Baptist minister, to occultist, to Thelema. Please let me know what you think?

Re: repeated sighting of the number 333

Postby Oliver P » Sun Mar 15, 2009 6:53 pm

Law wrote:Since, I dont know how long, maybe 2 months or so, i have repeatedley been haunted by the number 333, multiple times on various clocks and watches that I have come across.

My wife's answer to this: "stop waking up so ___ early!" (and get yourself a 24-hour clock/watch, so 3:33 pm doesn't bother you).

I get these odd sightings of numbers too, particularly 333 (and 418; I paid a bill for $418 only the other day; OTOH, I saw that exits on the motorway the next day were counting down 421, 420..I kept a watch to see where exit 418 went...and I missed it!)

There's another whole little obsession in there; what numbers do I *never* see, and why are they avoiding me? :-)

I have even seen the likeness of a demonic face in 3:33 sideways (as I'm lying down at that time of the morning). It's a crown, a pair of eyes (with the dots) and a set of teeth. Authority; observation/ surveillance and the ability to punish (as when we say "this law should have teeth").

Well, what do you expect at 3:33 am. when people with a care for their health should be asleep (creatively and lucidly dreaming)?

We have a local pizza company that calls itself Hell. Black livery and a phone number with 666 in it (and 111, which makes me wonder if their founders really do have Qabalistic leanings). On their menu, 333 is a half-size pizza ("for the little Beasts in your family") :-) Oh the trivialisation of a great and powerful number.

I think I agree with Mrs Robert Anton Wilson, who told RAW "you're just noticing the 23s and ignoring all the other numbers!"

Anent which, I was watching the DVD supplements to the movie "The Number 23" and their "expert numerologist" displayed a version of the Tree of Life that not only lacked the Qoph and Shin paths and inserted paths from Binah-Chesed and Chokmah-Geburah like the Lurianic Tree, but also appeared to be lacking some of the horizontal paths. Is that yet another variant - or just someone's mis-transcription that no-one bothered to correct?

In any case, a new reading of John Dee's diaries by an expert in Elizabethan handwriting suggests it's always been "Choronzom" (323). Back to the drawing board? Or worth about as much as the "revelation" that Hadit wasn't a 'real" Egyptian name?

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Postby BlasphemousTruth » Wed Apr 08, 2009 7:35 pm

In quinary 93 is represented as 333.
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