What factors enhance most one's capability to handle peaks

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What factors enhance most one's capability to handle peaks

Postby Hermes » Fri Apr 05, 2013 2:33 am

Couple of times i had peak experiences of consiousness expansion, i noticed at the "peak of the peak" so to speak, it gets very hard to handle. I noticed also the more you practice, the more you can handle.

For sure it is good to practice with balance. Left, right, up, down, in depth, in spiral... All.

But as peaks are something very specific, and relatively the same whatever the level(as anyone has a particular limit at a particular time), i guess the factors related to them must be very specific...

So the first thing that comes to my mind, as peaking is an upward motion, would be to work on malkuth, so as to enhance the counter-weight. I noticed when i'm strong physically and in good shape i handle more. Especially as peaks can be very hard on the body. So a strong body helps a lot in my opinion. Maybe it's mostly psychological, i dont know, it just feels easier and safer to let go.

Also, i think kabbalah may help, indirectly too. I dont think its of any use during peaks, but it may act unconsciously as a "safety", in a similar way to body shape. As a "psychological safety" precisely. A counter-weight. Because you have tools to interpret, to "veil the real" after, if it gets too extreme. You can even write a story about it. :lol: So it's easier to let go, once more.

I'd say also to have people you can talk to about it, people who know the stuff, just like here.

And, maybe most important of all, to be ok with death. Maybe it's something that is not worked enough on the malkuth level. Because yeah we meditate on death, do rituals of death and stuff... but the focus is mostly upwards while doing it. We play "safe". Also, we do it in "enhanced" states of consciousness. I suspect it is not enough.

I suspect the body and the mind still fear death unconsciously. Maybe it could be good to work on that on a purely psychological level, while in the most "down" state possible, to hit on the most vile parts of the psyche. Thus it could reveal unconscious resistances.

The problem is initiation enhance everything. So just a small thing disturbing us, for instance, could potentially "anchor" itself on a vile part unconsciously. If we're constantly turned upwards, we might not notice it. Yet when peaking, it will manifest. It will affect the process, at least unconsciously.

Crowley said we must have the head above heaven, and the feet below hell. Any idea on how to make the feet go further below hell? Is there any method more "evil" than psychoanalysis? Choronzon club? Watching Oprah? What might reveal the darkest of the darkest parts of us?

The guy i knew who handled the most lsd(unbielivable amounts, i dont even dare saying it in case a newbie would read and try to do it, but to get an idea he peaked for a whole week with such amounts... while doing one tenth of that, i had huge trip of 25-30hours already which i would not recommend without at least 5 steps of preparation over a whole year...) watched a lot of tele-reality :lol: Great judoka also. Strange mix of genius and complete dumbness. And tough as hell. Born in the hood and stuff. "no fear" type of guy. Ok lsd is not yoga as such, but the example might give some insight. Honestly i dont understand how the guy could do it. There must be something.

Is an adept supposed to be able to handle huge amounts of such a drug thanks to his enlightement or magick?* Or is pure body and brain conditionning the only way to...1.stay alive...2. dont become retarded? Maybe this could give us some insight also, i dont know.

What is actually below hell? :?

Any other ideas or suggestions?

*we might write a "best of dumbest things newbies suppose adepts are doing as adepts" :oops: :lol: 1.goblins 2.goblins 3. goblins 4. drugs 5. orgies 6. rock n roll 8) ... now i will not say the word "goblin" for a week. :twisted: If Los can do it he might peak to goblinhood. Just an idea... :angel:
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Re: What factors enhance most one's capability to handle peaks

Postby Hermes » Fri Apr 05, 2013 2:26 pm

Now re-thinking about this, it seems the whole thing comes from a wrong point of vue.

I remember i asked Jim some time ago, how could i "make last more the astral visions". I was complaining it got exhausting trying to enhance them. What i understood from what he answered me was i needed to relax.

Also, i've just recieved(synchronicity :) ) a mail from Ina Custers(i recieve her newsletters) giving advice to "take one's time" and "keep things under control". She also warns against "non expert use of drugs and especially outside of genuine chamanic context".

I think the key is to relax, and stop seeing the whole thing as a "race" and a "competition". I think there's even no point at trying to "enhance peaks" artificially and trying to "enhance the cabability of handling them". I probably got the whole thing wrong.

I got way more calm over the years, as a teenage i was nuts, out of control... but still some excessive madness remains. I suspect it is this which actually made my peaks hard on the body and the mind. Because when they happened, instead of enjoying and contemplating the process, i always had a tendency to go like : "wow ! yeah ! yeah ! that's it ! go ! go ! go ! stronger ! faster !"... even when i felt cool, there was still this part working unconsciously.

Also, i might have some insight now, on how the "crazy judoka" did handled non-human peaks of lsd... Often the manifest is contrary to the unmanifest. They complete eachother. When i thing again about the guy, i actually think he was the most calm guy i ever knew. I think that was his "super-power". The reason he did such extremes stuff was because of pure sadomasochism, so that's another story. Actually he was SO "calm" that he needed to be always close to actual death to "feel alive". So his "power" may have come from 2 huge pathologies actually. There's always a price...

So, think about this maybe, if you feel in the same boat. 8)
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Ultimate Spark of the Intimate Fire
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Re: What factors enhance most one's capability to handle peaks

Postby Uni_Verse » Sun Apr 07, 2013 7:40 am

Physical conditioning,
Reducing resistance
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