A vision of Elijah (sort of)

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A vision of Elijah (sort of)

Postby Ophion280 » Fri Aug 24, 2007 3:51 pm

I wanted to post the results of an exercise I did quite some time ago and see what everyone thought. This was before I even knew what thelema was. I was just starting to study both Magick and Mysticism and I decided to try my hand at "transcendental meditation". I recorded my results and about 9 months later, after the dicovery of Thelema, I accuired Liber 777/Sepher Sepheroth. I got some quite interesting results after analysing my notes with that book. they are as follows;

A long time ago in a galaxy far far away:

lol, ok... the vision:

at the end of a rather long and dark hallway i come to a gate of gold with light shining from beyond it but no light shining through it. the gate opens silently with very little if any effort on my part at all. once through the initial brightness of the light i find myself traversing an opalescent bridge. I observe the landscape is of that of a beach at sun-set but the coulors are very differant. the sand was of a violet coulor and the water was deep purple, there where two palm trees on the beach and their leaves where purple, the sun-set was of a beautiful deep orange behind clouds of violet and indigo. then as I am taking all this in I notice a figure in front of me. this figure is vey hard to explain, the best I can do is to say it was a silhouette of a man, completely black but shining blackness and it seemed to radiate this blackness and absorb it all at the same time. for some reason i felt overly comfortable with this being. I then ventured to ask it it's name and befor the words completely left my mouth it replied in a voice so loud and startaling that it sent me realing back into my body. The name that it replied with was Elijah.

Now, this at the time gave me a very strong interest in mysticism but the real shocker came when I got deeper into the study of the Qabalah. seems the overall theme of the vision was of a murcurial nature and the name of elijah has a gemantria of 411, this is allso in hebrew "darkness and desolation" as the (first root of all good) it is also 4+1+1=6 tiphareth.

I just wanted to see if any one thought that this could be significant to or a forshadowing of the HGA. I know you should not put as much importance on any thing that it first seems to have. but this happened a few years ago and the memory of the vision has not faded one bit.

any thoughts on what this could be...
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Postby Quintessence » Thu Aug 30, 2007 9:41 pm

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