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Re: Spiritism and Ancestral Veneration

Postby Corvinae » Sat Oct 26, 2013 4:04 pm

One little thing you may like to think about, which has been very helpful to me and several friend who had difficult personalities for relatives.....

We often think of our ancestors as being the age the age they were when they passed on, or simply an adult. Yet all ancestors were children once, innocent little beings filled with spirit, freedom, curiosity and openness.

Have you ever danced with a five year old? Even a ten year old is still free enough to get down and let the music move them.

Connect with the child aspect of the relative first and then build your relationship from there.
Love is the Law.
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Re: Spiritism and Ancestral Veneration

Postby HounganRocky » Sun Oct 27, 2013 7:00 am

AliceKnewIt wrote:I attended one ritual where we were to call upon our ancestors to dance with us. Thinking of the people I knew personally, my parents and grandparents, who were Christian and inhibited about dancing, this felt ridiculous.
So I tried to imagine my ancestors going way back to pre-Christian Europe.

Contacting my immediate ancestors would take something more suited to them.

Although most "mediums" who hold those types of "seances" really don't know how to induce possession. More than likely they learned the technique from a family tradition. Although dance may lower the inhibitors that induce possession, most people in the modern world have so many inhibitors dance may not be enough to allow for possession. There are very specific dances that are meant to open the spiritual channels of the body, but those take time to learn and still are 100% fool proof.

Your ancestors "dance" all spirits move and have behavior that deals with their class and "order." The Dead dance, especially when they are agitated or have a message to give. The ancestors (for the most part) are part of your Nephesh and they have a more primal and sexual nature, most of the time they will gyrate there hips in a sexual way (even if they were inhibited in life!). My grandfather was a military man, very uptight, and yet, when he shows up he is telling jokes smiling and very "loose."

Some sources on the internet will say that you should find a way that is suited to your ancestors, and to that I have to say: bunk. Ancestral veneration was a strongly maintained tradition in the Caribbean, and to tell the truth, most black who come from those traditions don't want to share their knowledge with white people. I know that fact firsthand, being a white houngan and all. (Luckily, I'm not out for acceptance. lol)

But back on track: Try the methods I've outlined at the beginning of this thread and see for yourself. See how you feel after doing service for a while. Keep a record like any other magical act and ask yourself if you are seeing more positive outcomes in your life. Watch your dreams. Are you sleeping better? More rested when you wake? Your meditations should become deeper as you progress, and your intuition should improve as well.

A little light and libation goes a long way.
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