Strange pressure sensation

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Strange pressure sensation

Postby milkBoxx » Thu Oct 27, 2016 4:07 pm

Hi everyone,

So, for about a little over a year now I've had this strange pressure sensation
in my right temple. I cannot seem to get it to go away, sometimes it will go away intermittently
but for the most part it remains. I've also had sensations like a feeling of something swimming
in my skull. It's driving me crazy and I'm trying to find a way to remedy it. I've had a head ct and
spoken with several dr's who all tell me they don't see anything. Which lead me to believe it might
be pranic or some sort of trapped energy. I've also had bloody noses on the right side only, much more frequent
than usual. I have to conclude it's something spiritual or pranic, has anyone else experienced anything like this?
If so, how did you remedy it?
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Re: Strange pressure sensation

Postby Anchorite » Wed Mar 22, 2017 6:52 pm

Sorry I didn't see this before.
Yes. I have immense pressure also in my head, sinuses, temples, upper jaw and neck and have had it since I started to really meditate properly.
The last couple of days I've realised it is without doubt (I had my suspicons) to do with the muscular patterns of armour inhibiting breathing. I've found a Reichian nearbye (wonder of wonders !!) and going to attack this old enemy. My pre- verbal body tightening (ie - first months of life ) seems to the the cause of most of the troubles in my life because I can't take a proper breath and even the attempt to do so is damn painful.The breath is being inhibited all the way up to the top back of the skull in my case which *feels* like the descriptions of Kundalini but I think it's just immense muscular stiffness and fear as a baby that never eased.
I don't know if that is in anyway helpful!
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