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Re: Free Love

Postby Takamba » Wed Aug 01, 2018 3:51 pm

It's all about the shame of attachment to desire. Thinking and being are two different things, and thinking makes any being look exactly like the thinker thinks, regardless of the pure truth of the being. It is attachment that is the curse, it is thinking that is the trap, it is believing that is the glue.

The paradox is that I am speaking only of the pure truth of the being, not "what I think."
"If we are to have Beauty and Love, whether in begetting children or works of art, or what not, we must have perfect freedom to act, without fear or shame or any falsity."
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Re: Free Love

Postby seekinghga » Tue Aug 07, 2018 5:25 am

Takamba wrote:The paradox is that I am speaking only of the pure truth of the being, not "what I think."

Indeed. That paradox is summated quite exquisitely in Liber 400.
"And they that read the book and debated thereon passed into the desolate land of Barren Words. And they that sealed up the book into their blood were the chosen of Adonai, and the Thought of Adonai was a Word and a Deed; and they abode in the Land that the far-off travellers call Naught."
- LXV 5:59
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Re: Free Love

Postby Hermitas » Thu Aug 09, 2018 9:04 am

I don't have much to say about it.

If someone wants to leave, let them.

The rest is personal preference.
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