meditating on the tarot

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meditating on the tarot

Postby [V] » Mon Oct 03, 2016 2:53 pm

I've encountered some confusion while studying the the images of the tarot, specifically relating to the hierophant and the emperor, I'm hoping someone can give me some clarification. I understand the emperor to express (on one particular level), the consciousness' ability to "order" or "classify" the images formed by the empress. These images are the refined action of high priestess, and are the consequence of what my attention has been placed on. As the subconscious serves the self-conciseness these images, it is through the emperor that we find the divine order of these impressions and make the correct attributes. The hierophant is the subconscious response to this "right knowledge", and gives the student a state of mind that we call "Intuition". The faculty associated with the hierophant is "hearing" which is also the sense associated with akasha, spirit, 0, etc..

On a practical level, this made a lot of sense to me. By proper knowledge of liber 777 and it's correspondence, we can build parts of the inner temple through symbols, and in turn we can "hear" the voice of our own intuition which guides us in this process.

Looking back on my own experience, I've had many meditations where I used very wrong attributions. Yet, despite these wrong attributions, I have still acquired these states of illumination, where I get the "sense" that I have uncovered some kind of inner-truth. I've been attributing that inner-knowing with the voice of the hierophant (as venus corresponds to the throat). What is troubling is, that these states of so-called "illumination" are not necessarily dependent on me having the right knowledge and I believe are extremely misleading. It makes it difficult for me to trust the results of any of my meditations. Perhaps my understanding of the hierophant is wrong? Has anyone else encountered this problem?
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Re: meditating on the tarot

Postby Gnosomai Emauton » Mon Oct 03, 2016 5:13 pm

Have you tested your results? You say that you get the "sense" that you've uncovered an inner truth but have you then gone on to put the new insight into practice and found it to be actual truth?

That's where I'd put my focus, if I were in your position.
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