Kenneth Grant writings & the O.T.O & A.A.

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Kenneth Grant writings & the O.T.O & A.A.

Postby Francis1 » Mon Apr 24, 2017 7:14 am

Does anybody know the official stance
Of the O.T.O. and or the A.A. on the writings
Of Kenneth Grant?
Anybody have any ideas or thoughts on
Where these two groups part ways with
Grant on some of his ideas?
How about personally, what do you think
Of the man and his writing?
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Re: Kenneth Grant writings & the O.T.O & A.A.

Postby mark0987 » Tue Apr 25, 2017 3:49 am


Well for one, nobody can speak of the opinion of the A.'.A.'. there is no official stance. However, his writings are not part of any official syllabus (obviously) and I would imagine if someone who belonged to a lineage of A.'.A.'. wished to research Grant they would be free to do so, so long as official grade work is completed. You may find some ideas in his works which may help with grade work, or you may not. It would depend on the grade work for the particular lineage and the method of how the individual goes about it.

As for the OTO, his 'secrets' are different. His approach to sex magick differs in many respects to that of Crowley- he freely states this in his books. He doesn't focus on any homosexual workings and places much more of an emphasis on the role of the priestess whereas Crowley was much more interested in the role of the male.

Not being a member of OTO I do not know their official stance, I only know they didn't take it too kindly when he claimed to be the head of OTO. I also believe Grant, and many Typhonians, believe the OTO are a stale order who have not kept up with the times and are not innovative. Grant certainly was innovative regardless of what you think of his works.

I like Grant's works, I think there are some real gems of thought, I find a lot interesting. I also disagree with a lot of what he writes and do question his historical accuracy and classification of evidence. I also feel Grant is not for a complete beginner, but rather someone who has already undergone formal training in the Western mysteries.

As for his own order, it is essentially a combination of A.'.A.'. and OTO in style and structure and differs in other forms. I believe there are certain focuses on various ideas he has expouneded in his books. The Typhonian Order is what it is known by now, and if you contact the correct people for more information I am sure they will be happy to help. You may also want to check out "Theprimalgrimoire" it is a forum specifically dedicated to the Typhonian current and written works of Kenneth Grant.

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Re: Kenneth Grant writings & the O.T.O & A.A.

Postby Francis1 » Tue Apr 25, 2017 6:01 am

93 mark0987, Thank you for taking the time to write
back to me with such a well thought out reply, I really
appreciate it.
I just started reading The Magical Revival by Kenneth
Grant a few days ago and it has been one of those
books you pick up and can't put down.
I hope I'm not putting data into my brain that will sidetrack me.
Maybe I should finish reading this one Grant book and maybe revisit his works down the road after reading books suggested / recommend by the O.T.O. or A.A.
Thanks again for your input brother.
I'll probably have a follow-up question or comment after thinking giving some thought to this.
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