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Lover's Discourse

Postby LD330 » Sun Nov 12, 2017 1:43 pm

"Love has to be reinvented, we know that." (Rimbaud)

I read A Lover's Discourse by Roland Barthes and was very much inspired by it. The idea was to frame some of the archetypes of being in love and put them in words and language in order to better talk about love. A copy is available if you search for it on

I wrote my own version today, of some of my own archetypes of being in love, and wanted to share them. If you want to write your own please do.

A Lover’s Discourse

The subject tells himself he is a scientist in order to justify unorthodox social behaviors.

Act Sad
The subject has to act sad in the social field so that no one will think that’s his ideal, so that he’s still able to say ‘no, that’s not quite it.’

The subject has to, against his natural inclinations, act like a normal, under control person in the social field to prevent people from realizing he is happy and in love.

We Finally Found Each Other
The subject feels it’s his destiny to meet this lover and a combination of fate and random chance brought them together.

Too Happy
The subject loses control and acts too happy in the social field, blowing his cover. He is not under control and the social field does not approve.

What If I’m Gay
The subject's choice of lover brings him discomfort with his sexuality.

The subject is ashamed and self-conscious of everything he says and thinks. He tries to do pick up artist to avoid seeming so ashamed.

Make Them Jealous Of Me
The subject flirts with another person right in front of the lover in order to try to make them jealous and see how many options he has and how many people like him.

We’re The Same Person
The subject talks about how similar he and the lover are, usually to the lover’s chagrin.

What If They Don’t Like Me
The subject worries the lover doesn’t actually like him, or they only like him for a social field reason. They only like me because I’m attractive, they only like me because I’m popular, they only like me because I’m the center of attention, etc.

The subject worries the lover is setting him up to put him down and humiliate him.

I Don’t Think They Want to Touch My Butthole
The subject wants the lover to touch their anal region but doesn’t know how to bring it up and worries the lover will be disgusted for it.

It’s the 60s
The combination of the subject’s idealist philosophy and the rush of falling in love make the subject believe the revolution is just around the corner and that he and the love interest are ushering it in. Free Love is going to be the norm and all the old structures are going to dissolve.

Dating a Lesbian
The subject finds himself dating a lesbian.

The subject spends far, far more time fantasizing about the lover than actually talking or interacting with them.

Let’s Do Drugs
The subject wants to do drugs with the lover in spite of the psychological dangers they pose to his well-being and stability.

You Might Go Crazy
The subject warns the lover they might go insane as a result of their relations with him.

Nature is Horny
On drugs or insane from the love interest, nature’s aliveness unveils itself as if from behind glass. His senses are dreamlike and the horniness of the grass, the bugs, the dirt and the clouds bring the dream to sexual life, more real than any possible universe.

Images flash in the subject’s head.

Spiritual Quest
The lover and I are on a quest for some type of spiritual enlightenment. The feeling of ‘there must be something more’.

I Don’t Deserve You
The subject feels his inferiority infinitely to the lover. Why do they love me when they could love anyone. I want you to love other people. I want to feel you cold, I want to feel you separate, but we are still too close.

The Elevator Scene
The subject and his lover find themselves sitting without speaking, two Harpocrates in the eternal recurrence of the same. Nothing is said. Tensions rise and fall.

The Horror of Emptiness
The subject and his lover realize their mutual emptiness. They are as yet unfulfilled. There is much work to do.

Not Enough
The Mark of Love: the unspoken mutual need for excess puts the subject and his lover at odds with… something. The Loneliness recedes.

The subject and his lover put up libidinal barriers within the love to increase the tension and prevent each other from losing their personalities in the social field.

You’re in My Heart…
The subject feels that whatever happens in the future, this lover was their fate and their lot, and they will never forgive them their love nor forget them. The lover is betrothed to the Personal God.

A moment and a memory of the lover is enshrined in the subject’s Monument to Eternity and picture book.

Impotent Hate
The subject and the lover want to hate each other more, but don’t love anyone else even close to enough to justify that much hatred.
"People in this world look at things mistakenly, and think that what they do not understand must be the void. This is not the true void. It is bewilderment."
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Re: Lover's Discourse

Postby Asisa » Sun Nov 12, 2017 8:23 pm

woooouhhh, what a long list...

Did you know, that different Paradoxi exists?
Take actors... They reach a point in their life, in which they can "open up", and at the end they are , what they are...

I am a paradoxa too, the proof can be found in the Nihillis-Logic Liber...

My Paradoxa is, that Paradoxa is called Dilemma in this world :?

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