Contacting the Cancellarius

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Contacting the Cancellarius

Postby Luce » Sun Oct 08, 2017 7:12 pm

I wish to get into contact with the A.'.A.'.

My first line of attack was to send you a PM, Jim, that I really hope you are able to read, though I know you don't love PMs and don't check them very often...

My second line of attack was to again email the Cancellarius. However, I received a bounce-back, so I think that email is down!

My third line of attack is to post publicly on the forums. So here I am! I guess my reasons for posting here are twofold: I'm hoping to draw your (Jim's) attention to your PMs, but I also just want to let you know that the Cancellarius email is down in case you were unaware of a technical issue. Feel free to delete this topic as I don't really have anything to discuss :)

EDIT: I know you are on a two-week imbibing tour/bender, so no rush :)
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