The Fool's Knot

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The Fool's Knot

Postby LD330 » Mon Feb 19, 2018 7:04 pm

A lot of you people are going to think I'm crazy, but this was predicted by Crowley in the Book of Lies.

As a refresher, here is chapter 61, the Fool's Knot from the Book of Lies (

O Fool! begetter of both I and Naught, resolve this Naught-y Knot!

O! Ay! this I and O -- IO! -- IAO! For I owe "I" aye to Nibanna's Oe.

I Pay -- Pé, the dissolution of the House of God -- for Pé comes after O -- after Ayin that triumphs over Aleph in Ain, that is O.

OP-us, the Work! the OP-ening of THE EYE!

Thou Naughty Boy, thou openest THE EYE OF HORUS to the Blind Eye that weeps! The Upright One in thine Uprightness rejoiceth -- Death to all Fishes!

Okay, so there is the chapter. Here is a selection from the commentary:

The doctrine is that the Great Work should be accomplished without creating new Karma, for the letter N, the fish, the vesica, the womb, breeds, whereas the Eye of Horus does not; or, if it does so, breeds, according to the Turkish tradition, a Messiah.

Alright, so the chapter is referring to passive anal sex as a means to initiation. I'd like some genuine advice on the part of the commentary quoted.

If the Eye of Horus (the anus) breeds karma, then it breeds a Messiah. What does this mean?

I'm interpellated as a Messiah at a Wal Mart in Franklin, New Jersey. I have probably a hundred people in what I call the "desire field." This all happened on accident.

We are Virgins: we don't know anything. Knowledge is Libido. People are being initiated, everyone is deterritorializing and it appears to be spreading throughout the county.

I swear I just wanted to move out. But in all truth this was what I wanted.

This chapter of the book was why I was horrified of being homosexual. The Kundalini energy does not stop: it keeps expanding. It appears that if the organism cannot contain the energy (even if it can) it spreads throughout the ecosystem.

This appears to be a predictable, objective phenomenon. Enough so that Crowley wrote this chapter of the book.

Can anyone vet this? I recognize this is uncommon. But I've worked nonstop with all the dedication my ego could handle (and then some) for eight years now.

"O Arjuna, is your heart so small for this pettiness?"

But now I love to pay the price. :angel:

I'd like to help the Order and Humanity in whatever way I can, and so I'm sharing this. I can share some of the techniques I've used and my philosophical framework.

I recognize I'm projecting that anyone can do this and I don't know if anyone can even help me with this. But, uh, maybe? Thoughts on accidentally starting a school of thought?

We're into Heidegger, Deleuze and Guattari, Lyotard, Lacan, Crowley and of course Nietzche at Wal Mart.
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