Great Manifestation?

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Great Manifestation?

Postby Frater Pramudita » Wed May 20, 2009 6:56 am

I was reading an essay recently, and in it, is stated,

Let it be announced among all members of the Thelemic Community that Liber VESTA and the Student Oath are not A.·. A.·. documents written by Aleister Crowley but fraudulent representations of that Great Manifestation from the Supernals on November 15, 1907 e.v..

Verily, it is most unfortunate to announce that fake A.·. A.·. Lineages have raised their demonic head from the pit of their past failures in a last ditch attempt to justify their meager existence.

I was just wondering if there could be any ellaboration on what this "Great Manifestation" was?
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Re: Great Manifestation?

Postby Jim Eshelman » Fri May 22, 2009 7:36 am

Frater Pramudita wrote:I was just wondering if there could be any ellaboration on what this "Great Manifestation" was?

I can't speak for that writer, but can probably shed some insight on the November 15, 1907 date.

In various parts of the last half of 1906, Aleister Crowley and Cecil Jones were doing very aggressive work both on their own evolution and on the establishment of a new Order. Jones, in particular, held the view that, regardless of their individual grades (which, at that point, were substantial), they needed authority from those beyond them.

Work continued through 1907. For example, one critical point was April 8 (perhaps no coincidence that it was the third anniversary of the dictation of Liber Legis). Jones came to visit Crowley and approved the History Lection (A.'.A.'. Liber 61).

A very tremendous stage began at the end of October when Crowley started receiving the most important of the remaining Holy Books, particularly Libri 7 and 65.

Crowley's diary for November 15 says, in part, "Saw D.D.S. [Jones] and got him to consent to [Triad]." (The diary has a picture of a triangle. I interpret it to mean the formation of the governing triad of the Order.) Compare this to Jones' earlier position to mark the progress and fundamental shift that had occurred in the intervening 16 months. The next day, Crowley rewrote Liber 61 (which probabaly mostly means he updated it to incorporate the history of the formation).
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Postby frateruranus » Fri May 22, 2009 3:29 pm

Somebody has been reading David Bersson's website. Great Manifestation refers to the Third Order. In some lineages of the A.'.A.'. November 15 is celebrated as the Feast or Reformulation as the date in which the A.'.A.'. reformulated itself officially, as Jim said, the Triad was formed. I think it is a good idea to celebrate and mark this day every year personally, there is even a ritual that was used to mark the occasion and to "reformulate" & empower the Triad through invocation of the Supernals in turn. It was performed with 3 people, each representing an office and a sepheroth. Motta really did create some good traditions that I enjoy and wrote some beautiful, if short, rituals like the Ritual of Reformulation. Wish I could find my copy. :(
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