BAG - Fourfold regimen

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BAG - Fourfold regimen

Postby Heru » Sun Jan 18, 2015 9:34 am

BAG wrote:Look not so deeply into words and letters; for this Mystery hath been hidden by the Alchemists. Compose the sevenfold into a fourfold regimen; and when thou hast understood thou mayest make symbols; but by playing child's games with symbols thou shalt never understand. Thou hast the signs; thou hast the words; but there are many things that are not in my power, who am but the warden of the 28th Aethyr.

Now my name thou shalt obtain in this wise. Of the three angels of the Aethyr, thou shalt write the names from right to left and from left to right and from right to left, and these are the holy letters:

Despite the warning of the angel I became intrigued by these lines from the 28th Aethyr. I'm light years away from Understanding, so I figured I would tempt fate and play some child's games with symbols. :lol:

Adding the constructed name, LIXIPSL, to the three angelic names of the 28th Aethyr could be one (admittedly shallow) interpretation of composing the sevenfold into a fourfold regimen. Each of the angel names is seven letters long. Written according to the instructions of the angel of the Aethyr, with the new name on top written left to right, you get seven columns of four letters.

I wondered if a pattern might emerge by adding the numerical values of the columns. Sadly I don't think there is a pattern. Or at the very least I can't see one. But for the sake of posterity here's the numerical value of each column from left to right.

LPFR = 119
IXOA = 496
XICP = 768
INIO = 200
PBSL = 113
SANX = 463
LLIO = 106

There's some interesting numbers. Four out of the seven were instantly recognisable (496,200,463,106) and raised my hopes that there was something there after all. But the other three (119, 768, 113) are obscure or of no great significance (except for totalling exactly 1000. Ho Nikon?). But maybe someone else might see something in the arrangement? :)
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