Jim: When to do TEX (+ a diary excerpt of a failed attempt)

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Re: Jim: When to do TEX (+ a diary excerpt of a failed attempt)

Postby Jim Eshelman » Fri Oct 21, 2011 10:41 am

I'm not sure what, exactly, you don't want to happen again. You got what you got - and that's worth recording.

Just like "trying to have the same kind of cool acid trip I did last time" is usually doomed to failure, it isn't usually helpful to try to make your visions like or unlike prior ones (yours or someone else's). The greatest value is in accepting what you get and letting it speak to you.

Having said that (which you probably already knew anyway)...

I have mixed thoughts about forcing the timing on Enochian work of this sort. For example, The Vision & the Voice was received across a whole monthly cycle, and the various characteristics (say, of lunar phase) affected what Crowley actually received. Then again, he was far beyond a beginner. (Far beyond.)

I think that people earlier in the work might want to watch the basic issues of "selecting a time" for the sake of vision work itself. For example, a waning Moon is not advantageous, and one that far into its term is even worse. There isn't the psychic energy, usually. The intrapsychic stuff for vision work, plus the openness to reflecting higher impressions, grows during the two weeks after New Moon, and is strongest in the period from a couple of days before Full Moon to three or maybe four days after. For vision work in general, I'd suggest focussing on that part of the month.

Your vision above occurred with a Leo Moon. I was interested in some of the minor correspondences of color, texture, etc. which are (at least) not un-Leonian, and can be seen as leaning in that direction. Purple, a sort of old world tone to the vision, the symbolism of devouring, for example, could be seen as showing the effect of the Moon sign on the psychic landscape. I think you should always observe this one factor, at least in the aftermath of a vision.

The letters of TEX correspond to Caput-Virgo-Earth. It is also Malkuth of Assiah. If (it's a big IF!) you want to "force the scales" a bit, you could specifically pick a time when the Moon is in Virgo except for the next five months that will give you an undesirable lunar phase. So, on second thought... don't do that :D
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