April 13-15, 2017: VII. The Chariot

Led by Al-Shariyf, based on Liber Theta. (Download a free copy of Liber Theta from http://www.thelema.org/publications.)

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April 13-15, 2017: VII. The Chariot

Postby Al-Shariyf » Thu Apr 13, 2017 1:06 pm




“O amber heart, O crystal bell that ringeth once without end, I am the wine Thou bearest in thy Mass. My will is to serve Thee alone. Am I fermented aright? Is the vintage ripe? O, that I may give pleasure to thy mouth, O Belovéd.”

MEDITATION COLOR: Yellow-orange (somewhat dark)

HEBREW LETTER: Cheth, fence: that which defines a territory; or an enclosure, field; from Hebrew root meaning, “to surround or gird.” Symbolic of any device of containment or any vehicle.

CARD NAME: Chariot: Most importantly, notice that the title is the chariot, not the charioteer. The word comes from the Indo-European root kers-, “to run.” Important derivatives include car, course, courier, current, intercourse, occur, recur, career, carry.

ESOTERIC MEANING: The Consciousness of the House of Influence. From its inmost center flow forth the Arcanum and veiled ideas, which “abide in its shadow”; thus is there cohesion (or, union) with the inmost substance of the Cause of Causes.

TREE of LIFE: Geburah to Binah. (Links ‘Strength’ with ‘Understanding’; or Volition opening to Intuition. “A mighty warrior in his chariot” (= magical image of Geburah) in victorious return to the Mother, positioned before a stream or abyss.)

ESOTERIC TITLE: The Children of the Power of Water, the Lord of the Triumph of Light


DIVINATION: Triumph, victory, hope, memory, digestion (health sometimes unstable), extreme zeal in maintaining traditional ideas, the “diehard,” ruthlessness, lust of destruction, obedience, faithfulness, service under authority; receptive, questing, seeking, voluntary sacrifice

"To advance—that means Work. Patient, exhausting, thankless, often bewildering Work. Dear sister, if you would but Work! Work blindly, foolishly, misguidedly, it doesn’t matter in the end: Work in itself has absolute virtue." -Magick Without Tears
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Re: April 13-15, 2017: VII. The Chariot

Postby Avshalom Binyamin » Mon Apr 17, 2017 9:26 am

My carapace, chariot, and car
My carrion shell

Defines who's who
Protects the precious cargo
Carries us god-knows-where

In it's refusal to be moved
In the face of any threat
Every man and every woman is a star.
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