May 18-20, 2017: XV. The Devil

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May 18-20, 2017: XV. The Devil

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“Think not to hide from me, O belovéd One, in thy grotesqueries. I see Thee behind thy mask. It is thy lovely body, which I love beneath these motley veils, this midnight comedy; for there is none other than Thee to my eyes, my taste, my touch.”

MEDITATION COLOR: Indigo (very dark).

HEBREW LETTER: A’ayin, eye, the organ of sight. Also means “appearances,” especially surface appearances; “to flow out,” as tears; “fountain” or “spring,” from resemblance to eye; and “sparkling of wine,” the delightful allure of an inebriant’s entertainment. Pan = “all.”

CARD NAME: “Devil” comes from the Greek diaballein, “to slander”; therefore, its meaning is related to speech, and especially the disparaging or defaming naming of something as other than what it actually is. Interestingly, its oldest root, gwel-, “to throw,” also gives us a Greek word meaning “will.”

ESOTERIC MEANING: The Renewing Consciousness. Through it God – blessed be He! - renews all things which are newly begun in the creation of the world.

TREE of LIFE: Hod to Tifereth. (Links ‘Glory’ and ‘Beauty’; or Intellect with the Ego-center. The Trickster or Deceiver revealed as the Redeemer. Acknowledgement of intellect’s role in shrouding Light in Form.)

ESOTERIC TITLE: The Lord of the Gates of Matter, the Child of the Forces of Time

TANTRIC & ALCHEMICAL SIGNIFICANCE: Material creative energy; phallus, Set, Pan.

DIVINATION: Blind impulse, irresistibly strong and unscrupulous; obsession. Materiality, material (creative) force, temptation, bondage. Ordeal, trouble, struggle. Secret plan about to be executed; hard work, obstinacy, rigidity, aching discontent, endurance.

"To advance—that means Work. Patient, exhausting, thankless, often bewildering Work. Dear sister, if you would but Work! Work blindly, foolishly, misguidedly, it doesn’t matter in the end: Work in itself has absolute virtue." -Magick Without Tears
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