April 1 (YOD, The Hermit, Virgo) Liber VII, Cap. V

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April 1 (YOD, The Hermit, Virgo) Liber VII, Cap. V

Postby GabrielO » Wed Apr 01, 2015 6:23 am

Liber VII, Cap. V (Mercury)
Ultimate Spark of the Intimate Fire
Ultimate Spark of the Intimate Fire
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Re: April 1 (YOD, The Hermit, Virgo) Liber VII, Cap. V

Postby Anael Lucis » Wed Apr 01, 2015 7:42 am

Tarot Meditation – The Hermit

The wheat is rocking in the wind. There is a large field and from its midst the light pierces the darkness, the light which moves through the wheat. The old man with a swift pace paving his way through the field of wheat heading toward the light on the other side of the valley. There is a sound of growling of the vicious dogs. The Hermit stops in one place of clearance. There is a different type of sprout emerging there in the midst of all the wheat. He claims it from the ground and rushes to his quarters. He enters the cottage. I recognize this cottage from my visions in the past. There at his round table in the center of it is a red shew stone. There are moving clouds and changeable images within it, with lighting and thunder inside. He takes the special plant that he pulled from the field and he submerges it in lustral dew that he had collected a long time ago. And the plant becomes a mandrake in the form of a little root-child. He wraps it gently and places it in the basket of white silks. He cuts from the child’s right leg and dark rich red blood stains the silk. He drips it onto the shew stone, and the stone comes to life emitting red-purple light that envelops the entire cabin. He sits at the round table hooded and places his head down. The next time he lifts up his head there are 5 more figures seated at the table in black cloaks. There are some signs that become visible on the table – various rune inscriptions incised in the table and shining with light. The 5 figures are holographic images from beyond. They form the energetic circle - the Current. Mixed together it accumulates into the center of the stone and from it arises an image of a galaxy, red-purple in color with stars that shine with silver light. The vibration of this piece of deep space translates into the jeweled voice that echoes with the sound of a singing bowl, forming incantations as worship, as the song of celebration to the Highest.
And the galaxy begins to grow encompassing the entire cabin now.
The sound pervades the space and the light renders everything magnificently beautiful. The 5 hooded figures are now the 5 distinctly different beings. It’s difficult to perceive them but at least one is of feminine polarity. They are not veiled in robes but they are veiled in energy field which makes it impossible to perceive their form, yet I know that they are made of light. They are pure consciousness manifest in ethereal form. They came to open the portal with the Hermit, to connect him directly with splendorous form of Nuit, a portion of her contained in this cabin which now itself becomes a hologram.
And I don’t know if this galaxy was brought to him or if he was raised into it through the portal. There is communion. There is alchemical sexual union with the divine and the conjoined energies gain powers of the lustral waters of youth so that the Hermit is no longer an old man, but he has a new form. He has drunk from the fountain of youth directly, sealed by the kiss of Nuit herself. And he has transcended time and permanence of matter for his life’s work is an offering to Nuit. By his work he has been made ever more nourished and replenished, being touched by the hand of the Cosmos herself.
The galaxy now collapses back into the stone. The light is gone and cabin is as it was once before. He looks into the basket and there is a plant untouched, no longer a mandrake but a green delicate sprout. The silk that was once soaked in blood is now covered in a dew of holy water. Behind the cabin he returns the plant into the soil, covers it with black earth. In the nighttime the light of the full moon shines upon that place offering of its misty milk.
When Hermit looks at the moon he sees no moon but the pearlescent smile of Nu, and the sky is no longer a sky but her dark hair threaded with the silver stars. And the air he breathes is her scent which leaves him drunken in rapture, inducing communion on each night, meeting the dawn in song and love’s ecstasy.
"As long as space endures, as long as sentient beings remain, until then, may I too remain to dispel the miseries of the world." - Arya Shantideva, Bodhicaryāvatāra
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Re: April 1 (YOD, The Hermit, Virgo) Liber VII, Cap. V

Postby Fr Cognosco cum Lux » Wed Apr 01, 2015 4:24 pm

There is the Heart of Blood, a pyramid reaching its apex down beyond the Wrong of the Beginning.

the wrong of the beginning. What does this mean?
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Re: April 1 (YOD, The Hermit, Virgo) Liber VII, Cap. V

Postby Starry Soul » Wed Apr 01, 2015 4:39 pm

To my mind comes (perception of) duality and all that ensues with it. But it's really hard to put it into words. "Wrong of the beginning" is so deep and beautiful.
Starry Soul

Re: April 1 (YOD, The Hermit, Virgo) Liber VII, Cap. V

Postby Jim Eshelman » Wed Apr 01, 2015 5:03 pm

Recommended practice for today: Liber IOD
Love is the law, love under will.
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