Scriptural meditations of the day from the Thelemic canon, with primary emphasis on Liber LXV, Liber VII, and Liber CCXX. (Meditations with no responses after 2 days will be deleted - we want to encourage ACTIVE DISCUSSION.)

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Postby Asisa » Sun Nov 19, 2017 7:10 pm

For Aleister: A.M.E.N. => a men? => Amen (@Asisa: Don't pray to God, cause he won't talk back, so (=Asisa-Link=>) Let's Chill
AND(logic) I will play you a song^^

For Asisa: https://youtu.be/-bT8UGtgzkE?t=19 @All (e) Asisa-Post :? :roll:

For Rest: Amen - Universe in LXV (the barren Words...)

So it's: Aleister vs Secret Order vs Rest

And to ALL that, they deserve :2guns: :idea:

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