01/23/18 - (Heru-Ra-Ha) Liber L., Cap. III, v. 35-37

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01/23/18 - (Heru-Ra-Ha) Liber L., Cap. III, v. 35-37

Postby danica » Tue Jan 23, 2018 9:13 am

35. The half of the word of Heru-ra-ha, called Hoor-pa-kraat and Ra-Hoor-Khut.
36. Then said the prophet unto the God:
37. I adore thee in the song —
I am the Lord of Thebes, and I/ The inspired forth-speaker of Mentu;/ For me unveils the veilèd sky/ The self-slain Ankh-af-na-khonsu/ Whose words are truth. I invoke, I greet/ Thy presence, O Ra-Hoor-Khuit!
Unity uttermost showed!/ I adore the might of Thy breath,/ Supreme and terrible God,/ Who makest the gods and death/ To tremble before Thee:—/ I, I adore thee!
Appear on the throne of Ra!/ Open the ways of the Khu!/ Lighten the ways of the Ka!/ The ways of the Khabs run through/ To stir me or still me!/ Aum! let it fill me!
"Write, & find ecstasy in writing! Work, & be our bed in working! Thrill with the joy of life & death! Ah! thy death shall be lovely: whoso seeth it shall be glad. Thy death shall be the seal of the promise of our age long love. Come! lift up thine heart & rejoice! We are one; we are none."
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